About The Work

I've been described as a 'Through Composer' that is my work tends to start at the start and continues throughout the play. The Silence as part of the design is considered. The emotional arc of the theatre piece is viewed as a journey which is reinforced and enhanced by sound and video design elements, embedded over time in parallel with three-dimensional design and lighting.

I am a specialist in Music Technology and Video Mapping and work from a fully featured, purpose designed studio, in County Cork  www.themaplerooms.com

I use technology creatively, viewing innovation as an opportunity to push the envelope artistically.

I like to imagine designs which work as a whole idea conceptually in the same way a set designer would but with a focused eye (and ear) on fluidity and movement throughout the piece.

I like to create new music and new sounds although I am comfortable working with traditional musical arrangements and instruments.

I have created Orchestral, Operatic, Pop, Rock, and Traditional Irish scores as well as TV and radio ads.

I am hands on with show operation. I will program the show and also provide the appropriate equipment if required.

I am versatile and quick. I have designed over 100 theatre shows and have learned to deal effectively with many of the issues one can encounter in staging a Theatre Show.

If you talk to me about your project I will offer you solutions based on your artistic ambitions and also based on your budget.

Budget cuts in the Arts have hurt a lot of companies and I am very mindful of providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.